Tuesday 19th February (post mission)

Sean Redmond from Coveritas was interviewed on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme about doing business in India

Saturday 16th February

Technovert – Web Mission 2013 : 16 companies with a mission

Friday 15th February – UK’s Web Mission 2013 finds answers to tough questions about Indian tech market

Entrepreneur Heat – UK’s Web Mission 2013 finds answers to tough questions about Indian tech market

Thursday 14th February

Financial Times – Go east, entrepreneurs – with Indian partners

The Times of India – 16 UK Startups in India to Learn the Market

The New Indian Express – Mission 2013 Kick-Starts in Bangalore

Smarta – Web Mission 2013: looking to grow your business? A kitchen in India can show you how

Tech City News – Britain’s Brightest in Bangalore: UK Tech Innovators’ Mission to India

Computer Weekly - Indian IT Giant Mentors UK Digital Entrepreneurs

This was also reported by 3+ news outlets.

Wednesday 13th February

Smarta – Web Mission 2013: A Golf Course, Pool & Jacuzzi – Welcome to the Offices of Infosys India

Dataquest – Infosys to Mentor British Entrepreneurs

Silicon India – Infosys to Mentor 16 UK-Based Startups

India Times – Infosys to Mentor 16 Startups in UK

Support Biz – UK Tech Innovators Kick Off Indian Mission

This was also reported by 2+ news outlets.

Tuesday 12th February

The Tribune News – UK web tech innovators start Indian mission

EFY Times – UK’s Brightest Web Tech Innovators Kick Off Indian Mission

Economic Times - Infosys to mentor 16 British Startups Locally in the UK

Business Standard - Infosys to Mentor Britain’s Emerging Digital Entrepreneurs

This was also reported by 3+ news outlets.

Monday 11th February

Smarta – Web Mission 2013: UK’s hottest start-ups and Smarta take ideas to India

Briefing Wire – UK’s Brightest Web Tech Innovators Kick Off Indian Mission

Free Press Box – UK’s Brightest Web Tech Innovators Kick Off Indian Mission

Web Mission 2013 – Launch Day

Web Mission 2013 – Launch Day from Web Mission on Vimeo.


Buffalo Grid showcase their new video

To find out more about Web Mission Company Buffalo Grid, you should watch their new video An Introduction to Buffalo Grid

The Professor reflects (Colin Mallett, Trusted Renewables)

Colin Mallett presents Trusted Renewables Listen to ‘Colin on #webm13’ on Audioboo

Distributing CAKE in Delhi (Andrew Cuthbert, Omnisoft)

I have to say today arriving in Dehli we definitely saw the other side of India. A white Rolls Royce was parked outside our new hotel, which is absolutely stunning. Kind of wasted when you are here by yourself on Valentine’s Day but it’s definitely a beautiful place. Wednesday morning Sourav (our Indian business partner) [...]

Starting Up with Wipro (John Wakeman, OmPrompt)

John Wakeman presents OmPrompt Day three of this fabulous Web Mission saw all of the 15 companies pitch their innovative businesses to the ‘Global Director of External Innovations and Head of Start up Relations’ for the 150,000 person global behemoth that is Wipro. How does a Company of 150K people innovate? Well, we were told [...]

Grant Grafton (Sub10 Systems) catches up after the British High Commission/ event

Grant Grafton presents Sub10 Systems After 2 really intensive days of activity and suffering from lack of sleep (we were on a bus to Akshaya Kitchen at 0600 and hadn’t got to bed until 0100 that morning!), the news that we were off to an event hosted jointly by the British Deputy High Commissioner and [...]

Where are we going here? (Martin Brassell, Inngot)

In Bangalore, this is a frequent question, often asked when travelling in the back of a tuk-tuk, threading your way at implausible speeds through inadequate gaps. But it also seems quite an apt question to ask about the city’s situation in general. We know there is tremendous growth going on here. Yet to Western eyes, [...]

Gravity fed kitchens: Visiting Akshaya Patra (Mark Rock, Audioboo)

Mark Rock presents Audioboo Ltd When you arrive in Bangalore from the UK at 5am on a Sunday morning and then agree to get up at 6am on the Tuesday after a very full Monday, it has to be for something special. And it was. Today, the Web Mission made an inspiring visit to one [...]

Monday Diary from Ben Barton (Zondle)

Infosys  We started the day visiting Infosys’ Electronic City campus (about 1hour from the centre of Bangalore). They are an inspiration to everyone who wants to create something really important in a market. $7bn revenues, 155k employees and it all started with 7 guys and $250. We met Kris Gopalakrishnan (Co-Founder) and CN Raghupathi (VP [...]

Monday Diary from Bruce Hellman (uMotif)

A short update today, as it’s 12.10am and the bus leaves at 6am to the Akshaya Patra Kitchen, a Harvard Business School case study for low cost scalable innovation, feeding 1m children per day! Morning  Fellow Web Mission company pitches – there may be potential for us to work with Stream Communications who provide communication networks, Omnisoft who [...]

Big or Small – We All Need to Sell Business Outcomes (Justin Butler, Ambiental)

Justin Butler presents Ambiental Web Mission’s visit to Infosys today was both inspiring and unnerving. Inspiring in that a group of 7 Indian entrepreneurs, with $250 of seed capital in 1981 have succeeded in building a multi billion dollar corporation that has enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in India and around [...]

Powered by Intellect (Martin Brassell, Inngot)

Martin Brassell presents Inngot The first thing that hits you when you walk into the beautifully appointed conference facility at Infosys is their slogan, writ large across 21 plasma screens: ‘Powered by intellect – driven by values’. It’s an apt choice of words, because there’s no doubt that for this world-class IT services provider, turning [...]

School Life in Bangalore (Andrew Cuthbert, Omnisoft)

Having visited many schools round the world from Rio de Janero, to Rwanda and areas round the UK. I had the pleasure of visiting a small private school in Bangalore after being invited by Daniel Oxenhandler who had formerly taught in Spain and now with Idex fellows, and accompanied by Ben Barton from Zondle again [...]

Tuk-Tuk-ing through Bangalore

Mark Rock (Audioboo) describes his first ride in one of India’s iconic tuk-tuks

“Like, Love then Respect” – Ben Barton (Zondle) reports on Sunday

Ben Barton presents Zondle We arrived at 5am and got a bus to the hotel for breakfast. Bangalore is a big, busy place, but the food is lovely (curry for Breakfast) We then went straight into work, with introductions from the team looking after us here and some some amazing insights from ‘SG’ the guy [...]

Andrew Cuthbert (Omnisoft) reflects on Sunday in Bangalore

Andrew Cuthbert presents Omnisoft Services We landed in Bangalore at round 5.00am Bangalore time. It was a great first day – I met up with Saurav our partner here and discovered that our revenue model is very valid here. This was a great reinforcement of the project. The Mission gave us an opportunity to meet [...]

“Zig when others Zag” – Mark Rock talks to SG (Celsius 100)

Listen to ‘Zig when others Zag – SG on Web Mission’ on Audioboo

Bruce Hellman (uMotif) shares his objectives for Web Mission 2013

Bruce Hellman presents uMotif As many of you know, uMotif was selected to join another UK Government-backed Trade Mission, following the successful Future Health Mission to Boston last year. I’m now on the Web Mission and in Bangalore! I thought I’d share my objectives for the trip: To develop a better understanding of the Indian healthcare [...]

About our other Missions:

There have been seven previous missions, supporting the most promising UK entrepreneurs and early stage businesses working in web innovation, future health and clean technology.

Clean and Cool Mission:

Clean and Cool companies are developing the new technologies, services and business models that address our greatest environmental, energy and resource challenges. The 2012 Mission coincided with the Cleantech Global Forum and was attended by innovators in energy storage, energy efficiency, renewable energy, agriculture and transportation. For more information visit

Future Health:

Future Health Mission 2012 took 20 early stage and high growth potential companies to Boston. The winners represented the most promising transformative technologies, services and business models to address our future healthcare challenges in the fields of assisted living, diagnostics, stratified and regenerative medicines.