Mission Companies

We are delighted to announce that the following companies have been selected to join the Web Mission 2013. Please click on the company profiles below to find out more and view the company websites.


Ambiental Technical Solutions

Founded: 1997
Mission attendee: Justin Butler

Ambiental Technical Solutions Ltd is a specialist, flood risk mapping specialist. Its core product “Flowroute-i™” is a fast and easy-to-understand solution for predicting the depth, duration and extent of flood risk.

Flowroute-i™ could be deployed in India to create high-resolution digital flood maps and models at a city-wide or national scale.


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Founded: 2010
Mission attendee: Mark Rock

Audioboo enables anyone with an internet connection or smartphone to capture high quality audio, add a photo, title and location, and share it with family, friends or the rest of the world.

India’s large Android user base and data friendly mobile contracts mean Audioboo could make a real impact. 


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Founded: 2012
Mission attendee: Daniel Becerra

BuffaloGrid is a solar powered hub for rural towns that delivers on-demand electricity through cashless payments. BuffaloGrid is attempting to change the way power is distributed in off grid areas of the developing world.

The company wants to connect with partners and collaborators in order to scale its proposition. 


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Founded: 2010
Mission attendee: Sean Redmond

Coveritas’ software tool suite helps developers find difficult to detect bugs and reduces the risk, time and cost of designing electronic system products.

It provides a meaningful and robust measure of the completeness of functional testing, and delivers a 10x productivity boost to the engineers using its solution in their development testing.


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Cyan Technology

Founded: 2004
Mission attendee: Bijan Mohandes

Cyan reduces energy consumption for the utility and lighting markets. The company manufactures and sells technologies used in smart metering and lighting with cloud based control systems and provides the support, managed services and Software as a Service (SaaS) to assist in the planning and integration of its services.


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Founded: 2010
Mission attendee: Graeme Smith

Cyceera is a semiconductor technology and systems IP company. Its patented manycore architecture combines processor programmability with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) style flexibility - all with the performance characteristics of an ASIC or SoC device. Cyceera would like to showcase its innovation to Indian ESDM and ISA companies.


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Founded: 2007
Mission attendee: Martin Brassell

Inngot provides online tools that enable organisations to identify, value and market their intellectual property (IP) – both registered rights and all the other ‘intangible assets’ they own. Inngot is used by businesses, lenders, investors, research institutions and advisers to find and ‘unlock’ IP value for funding, licensing, collaboration, business valuation and management.


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Founded: 2010
Mission attendee: Aromal Jayaraj Shikky

meMMoo, from KLOUDPaD Mobility Research, will be:

  • a rapidly deployable and sustainable 'low cost wireless telecom network' for mobile carriers
  • a phone network owned 'by the people' – enabling to launch telecom service out of a box
KLOUDPaD wants to secure key partners for the technology development and commercialisation. www.kloudpad.com

Omnisoft Services

Founded: 2010
Mission attendee: Andrew Cuthbert

In two years Omnisoft has become an innovative product design company working in UK, USA, Brazilian & African markets. Its core product, Game to Learn is a safe, fun and interactive environment that aids education while supporting self-discipline, self-motivation and excellence in learning.

Omnisoft wants to work with distribution partners already in the Indian education marketplace.


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Founded: 2003
Mission attendee: John Wakeman

OmPrompt is an outsourced service (SaaS) providing customer automation across the order-to-cash process. This includes orders, invoices and proof of delivery documentation. OmPrompt enables supply chains to function efficiently and accurately unencumbered by rigid EDI systems and manual rekeying processes. It wants to meet BPO partners focused on the consumer goods, healthcare/pharmaceutical and logistcs markets. www.omprompt.com View the company video

Stream Communications

Founded: 2000
Mission attendee: Nigel Chadwick

Stream provides GPRS, enhanced 3G and 4G mobile network services for connected devices and solutions in the Machine to Machine (M2M) sector.  This includes billing services and SIM/Network management platform-portal. It provides network solutions for smart metering, personal safety, digital signage, mobile broadcasting, CCTV & security, remote monitoring and others.


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Sub10 Systems

Founded: 2010
Mission attendee: Grant Grafton

Sub10 Systems is a wireless telecommunications company developing Liberator wireless Ethernet bridges, operating at mmW in the 60GHz, 70GHz and 80GHz areas of spectrum. Sub 10 predicts that introducing mmW to India will reduce congestion in lower radio frequencies, while also offering attractive, interference free alternative areas of spectrum for many users. www.sub10systems.com View the company video

SUNDE Technologies

Founded: 2004
Mission attendee: Bash Ali

SUNDE Technologies Ltd is a specialist supplier of a zero client network computing solution. Its series of products enable one standard PC/Server to share the resources among up to 50 independent and simultaneous users. It is secure, compact, lightweight and can help companies save money and reduce their CO2 emissions. www.sunde.net View the company video

Trusted Renewables

Founded: 2008
Mission attendee: Colin Mallett

Trusted Renewables has added intelligence to a PV array, along with tamper-resistant chip and PIN technology and a GPS receiver, turning a solar panel into a trusted M2M thin client. Intelligent PV arrays can generate renewable power for offices, homes and farms, while the processors can provide secure public communications and a pervasive ICT environment.


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Founded: 2012
Mission attendee: Bruce Hellman

A digital health company with a B2B2C software platform to improve patient adherence to medication regimes and health programmes.  uMotif’s intuitive software engages patients and health professionals to enhance treatment outcomes and reduce health care costs.

uMotif wants to develop long term partnerships with organisations in India.


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Founded: 2010
Mission attendee: Ben Barton

zondle is a games based learning web and mobile platform that enables teachers, parents and students to create, play and share games to support teaching and learning.

It has more than 160,000 users registered worldwide (3.6% of its monthly visitors coming from India).
The company would like to meet Indian educational publishers and education resource providers.


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