The Mission

India has grown rapidly to become the world’s tenth largest economy, with a sixth of the world’s population (1.2bn) of which over 700m are under 30. Predicted to become the world’s 5th largest economy by 2020, India is driving and experiencing a set of social and business changes unlike anywhere else in the world.

These changing market dynamics offer a significant opportunity to UK businesses that can provide technology to serve the massive, rapid growth. The poor and low income (the Base of the Pyramid) and the Emerging Middle Classes need and demand a whole set of new services, products and infrastructure including affordable healthcare, education, energy and finance.

For UK technology firms to be part of these opportunities, it is crucial to understand how India absorbs and applies new technology building on its own strengths and using business models and principles that may be unfamiliar to UK entrepreneurs and investors.

The goal of a Mission to India is to provide know-how, connections and inspiration to help improve and accelerate opportunities with potential customers and partners.

These early stage high growth potential companies represent:

  • scalable and profitable solutions for low and middle-income populations in urban and rural India
  • business-to-business opportunities within the Indian value chain
  • innovations within energy, health and enterprise through to infrastructure

We will be:

  • meeting potential customers and partners
  • developing know-how of the business ecosystem and what it takes to succeed
  • connecting and being inspired by like minded innovators and entrepreneurs

The Mission was hugely beneficial for uMotif. It helped us refine our positioning in the health care market; increase our understanding of the US system; and directly resulted in a new contract with a fellow Mission company. It has immediately led to new opportunities and turbo charged our development.

Bruce Hellman. uMotif

About our other Missions:

There have been seven previous missions, supporting the most promising UK entrepreneurs and early stage businesses working in web innovation, future health and clean technology.

Clean and Cool Mission:

Clean and Cool companies are developing the new technologies, services and business models that address our greatest environmental, energy and resource challenges. The 2012 Mission coincided with the Cleantech Global Forum and was attended by innovators in energy storage, energy efficiency, renewable energy, agriculture and transportation. For more information visit

Future Health:

Future Health Mission 2012 took 20 early stage and high growth potential companies to Boston. The winners represented the most promising transformative technologies, services and business models to address our future healthcare challenges in the fields of assisted living, diagnostics, stratified and regenerative medicines.